Medical Valley


Once upon a time there were three friends working in different fields with different cultures and people for many years.

One day in a friend gathering they sat together and dicussed the business issue in the Iraqi market and how to overcome the obstacles and modernize the marketing and the selling process.


And this was the first seed of Medical Valley Company They agreed to merge all their experiences, Ideas and their accumulated resources and relationships in the market in one new company that can obtain the modern methods of marketing, selling and delivering the best service for the customers.

By choosing innovative products that can help the customers to solve the problems they are having in a new ways.

Thinking out of the box and focus on the future technologies not only competing in with the same products.

Digitalizing the whole marketing, selling, serving and paying fields. Which make us the first company in the Iraqi market to depend on fully digital systematic processes in order to enhance the quality of the business.


Working with our clients hand by hand to help the patient get the products and the results they need.

Medical Valley


In today’s world, business won’t be achieved unless considering the customers as your partners and the suppliers as well. This is why all colleagues at the firm,

Sales Support Capabilities

Management of Medical valley knows the value of competence within its sales support department. All staff have the negotiation skills, product configuration

Service S Capabilities

Service Support Capabilities: The company has employed highly technical, qualified & foreign trained engineers and technicians with its supportive staff.

Employee Tenure

There are two main categories of employment within the organization for permanent and temporary staff. After evaluating the staff performance

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Nimue Skin Tech


Croma Beauty

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Sune Kos

Made in italy

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Light Fective

Made in Isail

Medical Valley Cosmetics

“Medical Valley works to provide the best types of cosmetics from the most important international companies, to present professional and safe cosmetic treatments”

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Professional Team
Our Best Service

Our team is committed to you and gives you proximity, availability and personalized service

Marketing support team for design and social media management for the costumers and the company

Team of sales team are providing service for the costumers within 24hours

Medical valley provide last UpToDateProducts and cosmetics in the aesthetic field.

Well prepared team for Training the doctors and medical staff for proper using of the Products for

get best result and avoiding side



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We provide to our customers a one-year warranty for the devices and a guarantee for performance and quality, and a monthly check for the device by Our maintenance team

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