ReBorn Treatment Explained


From the initial assessment to a real LIVE ReBorn treatment, we give you a detailed walkthrough of a ReBorn treatment – how it feels, how it’s done and what happens during the treatment.

So Who Is A Candidate For ReBorn Treatment?

When assessing suitability for ReBorn treatment, or any other non-invasive fat reduction treatment for that matter, it’s important to remember that the treatment isn’t for everyone. You should not have a ReBorn treatment if you have had adverse side effects or reactions in the past to other light-based therapy treatments. ReBorn is designed to treat pinchable subcutaneous fat – i.e. fat that is just underneath the skin.

The procedure is intended for candidates that are “close to their ideal body weight”. While it is classified as a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, it does not aid in weight loss and is not intended for significant loss of body fat or treatment of excess overweight and obesity.

How Is A ReBorn Treatment Administered?

ReBorn has 4 lightweight ergonomic treatment applicators (handpieces) with a matrix array of 63 Power LEDs, creating a 7X5cm2 spot size that is one of the largest treatment areas in the non-invasive fat reduction technology industry.

During the treatment, the applicators will be affixed to the treatment area using a special treatment belt with slots for the treatment applicators. The treatment belt can hold 1-4 applicators, depending on the treatment area. Once the system is turned on, the patient will feel an internal deep heat sensation in the area of the targeted fat tissues, and an external cold sensation on the skin itself. The heat increases and decreases throughout the treatment to maximize comfort and clinical effect.


What Does A ReBorn Treatment Feel Like?

A ReBorn treatment lasts approx. 25 minutes. Patients that have undergone a ReBorn treatment describe it as a ‘different’ sensation that is made up of intense, internal heat along with a soothing, external cooling. Some people may find treatment on the verge of discomfort, but most patients tolerate it well and use their cell phone through the treatment. Typically, the more heat absorbed in the fat tissues, the better clinical outcome expected,

Each treatment session lasts around 25 minutes, and the patient may read, use electronic devices, or simply lay back.


Is ReBorn Safe?

ReBorn is a clinically proven safe and effective non-surgical fat reduction treatment. ReBorn reduces fat by safely delivering targeted and optimized Power LED emitted light to destroy the fat cells underneath the skin gently and effectively.

ReBorn elevates the temperature in the treated fat cells to 42-47Cfor the duration of the treatment. In order to prevent thermal damage, the device incorporates an innovative, patented contact cooling system in the handpiece.


What Happens After the Treatment?

After the treatment, the applicators and treatment belt are removed, and the treatment area is assessed for any immediate signs of adverse effects.

The patient is free to resume regular daily activities immediately. There are no post-procedure requirements, aside from a recommendation to patients to increase hydration over the next few days, and to massage the area daily for a few minutes, to help flush out the destroyed fat cells. Patients should also avoid exposure to the sun for 1 week after the treatment.


How Long Does It Take to See Results?

A recommended treatment plan consists of 3 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Visible improvement typically appears ~3 weeks after the 2nd treatment. Some of the patients respond even quicker and see initial results ~3-4 weeks after the first session. The maximum outcome is usually visible 1-3 months after last session.

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