My Nimue Skin Care Journey


My Nimue Skin Care Journey

Ok folks, I’ve taken the plunge! My skincare routine has been, let’s say, less than consistent for a long time now. I have had good intentions, but I’ve always been a bit of a cherry picker; cleanser from one place, moisturiser from another, out of date exfoliator I picked up somewhere, mask off the high street. And as for a consistent routine? Eh, naw. Sometimes, when I remember, has been the way it’s been going. So I am ready for a change!

I’m going to turn 36 this year and my past crime sheet involves spot picking, black head popping, smoking and not taking my make-up off at night. I know, I know! I thought I was rebelling or something…
I also drink too much alcohol, not enough water, use baby wipes on my face, touch my frickin’ face ALL THE TIME, wear big thick glasses that press my make-up into my pores…. You get the idea. The time is now.

Nimue is the brand for me for several reasons. First up, it’s distributed to skin care professionals in the UK and Ireland by Sweet Squared, which for us is extremely convenient. Here’s a link to loads of details on Nimue from Sweet Squared’s website: Spotlight on Nimue.

If you are a skin care pro looking for education check out all the details; cost, locations, etc, here: Nimue Education in the UK & Ireland. 

My most trusted skin care therapist through the years has taken on the brand and become an Educator for Nimue. I’ve known Nicola Badmus for many years now. We worked together in the salon (Nic on beauty and natural nails, me on natural nails and enhancements), then later worked together as educators for CND™ and other beauty brands. So it was Nicolas’s passion and enthusiasm that really caught my attention. I probably wouldn’t have looked twice otherwise. I know if she is genuinely into it, then it must be amazing.

Once I started looking into it, I found the heritage and story of the company very interesting. Their website is beautiful, and the brand ambassador, of ‘face’ of Nimue, is Helena Christensen, wow! I remember the moment I fell in love with the Danish supermodel Helena Christensen; it was her iconically sexy appearance in the video for the song Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Check it out if you’ve got a moment to your self for a bit of nostalgia.

The science is second to none. From what I have seen, I’m very impressed with the detail and quality of information provided in the education programmes. However, when it comes to skincare I am a consumer, I’m not a qualified skin care therapist. The information Nimue pros are furnished with allowed them to explain the workings of the products and systems in a way that easy to understand, while being interesting and detailed. I came away from my consultation fully convinced. I have been in the beauty industry for 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of stuff come and go, so I am not an easy person to convince!

Unboxing Nimue Skin Technology Fee Wallace Blog

So my products arrived yesterday! And, my goodness I am fully committed to this! I did my full routine last night before bed, and as soon as I finish typing this up, I’m off to do it this morning. I have a history of sensitive skin, I’ve had some reactions in the past and as a result I am pretty cautious. Many of Nimue’s products are amazingly powerful, but they are not simply to be thrown onto your skin without proper consultation. I am starting off lite, with the intention of working up to the more powerful stuff.

I am probably most excited by the Pro Age Foundation. Last year I bought an excruciatingly premium foundation which cost me more than all these products combined, and while it was lovely, I’m not certain it was giving me full value for money.

I shall be reporting back after I have consistently stuck to my new Nimue Skin Care routine over the next few weeks. I will post before and after photos and give you the run down on exactly what I think. Wish me luck!

Thanks for checking out the blog!

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